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[08 Feb 2004|10:11am]
who's the shit?!

I asked mum if Babs could sleep over, and if we both could go out on friday [Feb 6th]. our curfew was at 2 am though, which was pretty good cause we had 3 pm - 2 am to do whatever the fuck we wanted =)

Through out the dayCollapse ) then we walked to W. and hell, first time I entered that bar/club, BOOM there was some hot shit there ;) you know those bull machine things? yeah, there was one of those. Babs went to take a piss though, so Rash and I were just watching some hot guys riiide it. then this chick came up to us asking for a picture on her phone? so obviously Rash & I were like "WHY WHY WHY." she said her guy friends wanted it. woot. we didn't even know who, but hell WHO CARES. there were like 6 guys there, FRENCH (all go to Eurocampus - we use to share BSM with Euro [there's a German & French side]) so we knew the chicks, who knew the GUYS ;) and their accent was just so sexy OK. we Babs, Rash & I were extremely close to having full orgasms. mwahaha. then Rash, Babs, Tim, Suchet, Hella, this 2 French guy started persuading me to ride the bull?! cause they said it would look sexy, but I was freaked ok, but one of the French guy complimented me =) I felt happy DUH lol. then Tim bought me beer, and shit, I have the lowest tolorence ever, so I was kinda feeling weird after that. Suchet and Ray had to drop Rash off and it was 10.30 already, so Babs and I stayed with Tim. then Nicole (this chick from Eurocampus - German side] came with 2 of her friends, her hot Brazilian neighbor and her HOT young brother, Stephan. oh fuck. so yeah we just drank, met new people, danced. and oooh yeah. it was just fucking FUN. Stephan than asked me dance, and he was JUST SO FINE, he's a good dancer. Babs and I agreed if he was older (he's 14), we would RAPE HIS FUCKING FINE ASS. no joke. then Hella introduced me to like 6 new guys, and ahhhh =) one of them, CJ? was really cute. we asked me to dance and lalalala. Hella said he likes me =D but I think I kinda changed that.. cause after CJ's friends were dancing with me, and he had no prob with that right. but then 1 of the hot French guy [Damien] came up and we started dancing and blah. he was so good. we started making out? then I saw one of CJ's friend tell the other friends who told CJ. and I guess it made me look bad? =( fuck. but it was worth it? ;) I FINALLY RODE THE BULL. and Rash, Suchet, Ray and Tim weren't there to see it =P and they don't believe me. fuckers Ü Nicole, her friends, her hot guy friend and her brother had to go, which was tragic, so yeah, they left and Babs and I were like "BYE I LUV YOU *kiss kiss*" to Stephan lol. around 1.30 Babs and I went downstairs (2 floors) to order a blow job (DRINK), so we had it and we decided to sit down and chill, incase we felt buzzed after that. then this guy who was irresistable came to our table and asked how old we were. he said one of his friends thought Babs was 13 ROFL. Babs got so insulted, and got even more pissed off cause when she was riding the bull, he was that blonde guy who threw ice at her. what an ass?! so yeah, Sean (irresistable guy) got out numbers and they left to go to Wasabi. at around 2.15 AM we left W, cause we were 15 minutes past out curfew, and I did not want to get in the bad side of mother dear, so yes. Damien then texted me after a while, and ahhahaha. he said "I like your french kiss, we should try another day" - "I very love your kiss, it's very nice." LOL yes, he's English is bad. he's full french, 16 years old and HOTT. but I HAD A FUCKING GREAT NIGHT =)

oh yeah, remember last week when I met that guy from the CP thing? he texted =) LIFE IS GOING GREAT.
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[25 Jan 2004|03:32pm]
monday :
  • woke up - got my parents pissed.

  • left home feeling shitty cos of mum.

  • arrived in school, cried. dad apologized.

  • got to the airport. everything went well.

  • in Singapore, it's so damn hot.

  • straight after we arrived in the Penisula/Excelcior hotel, left and we all ate in Burger King - with style babyy!

  • went to a night safari. it was awesome Ü

  • our room was connected to Kyla & Sara, so we all slept in 1 room (mine & Cathy).

  • tuesday :
  • had breakfast

  • went to the zoo.

  • saw the elephant show, the polar bear show, and the chimpanzee show.

  • left the zoo, went to a japanese restaurant.

  • after that, we all went shopping and played PC games.

  • went back to the hotel for dinner.

  • after dinner, went to Orchard Rd to do watch a movie. that got cancelled, so the girls went shopping while Regg & I played PC games with the guys.

  • wednesday :

    thursday :

  • [x] Regg (playboy shirt), Justin (all white), me (red & black shirt) and Carlos (porn star shirt).
    [x] kiinky _ me & Kyla (on top of me).
    [x] Regg & me.
    [x] from left to right _ Vohne, Steven, Regg, me, Carlos & at the bottom, Dean.
    [x] P. Daddy _ coolest teacher!!
    [x] Justin sleeping rofl _ he is soo fucking cute.
    [[x] Jono _ NZ _ cute.
    [x] from left to right _ Sara, me, Kyla & Cathy.
    [x] from left 2 right _ Kyla, Cathy, me, Dean & Regg.
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    [10 Jan 2004|07:28pm]
    Friday : Bonnie, Sara and I went to Glorietta (mall) yesterday after school. but before that we had to return back to school cause some dumbass forgot her school bag in the school bathroom lol - coughBONNIEcough. then we headed to Glorietta and just went around shopping and I am the proud owner of 3 jeans, 1 cute underwear, 1 playboy top, 2 brownie mix and 1 easy-cook macaroni shiet Ü HI i'm a good cook.. sorta. kinda. not really. we were meant to make brownies but Bonnie fell asleep when we got home. what a silly biotch, especially since it was her idea to make brownies =( oh wells. then she woke up and that's when I used my skills to make macaroni. IT WAS ALRIGHT.. OK. dad then came home and gave me this late Christmas present that was sent from Switzerland from my godmother and father. it's this cute, plain belly ring and this really pretty silver, twisted-ISH necklace ÜÜ then we watch Willard. hello, ANYONE SEEN THAT MOVIE? it's so disgusting, evil and OmgshCollapse ). but we all fell asleep at like 3am talking about tampons, yr 12 boys and yeah.. people we dislike. hey we're humans. ktnx.

    Saturday : we all woke up at 11, and Bonnie's driver picked her up at 11:20. i'm so specific Ü Sara then had to go and I was in the shower, so I was rushing and I nearly slipped =( my mum dropped me and my sis off at Rockwell (mall) since she had to do some shopping, and weee. I had to hang with my friends & sis. SIS? FUN I TELL YOU ;) well, Paula and I were just racing horses in the arcades, and that whore beat my ass. but that's ok, cause I kicked Deans' and BB's ass in car racing. then we got bored so we decided to split and go shopping, so we met up with Sara. then we decided to all meet up again. in the movies. and i'll tell you now.. Buffalo Soldier is boring. don't watch it. I am giving you a warning, and saving your precious time. you could do so much more ok. so we ditched the movies and went go karting with Babs ♥ hi, I saw JT. he pierced his eye brow. he looks different? last time I saw him was summer... and yeah... ok apparently it was ALL my fault that Babz and Sara crash. BIOTCH. it ain't my fault i'm dangerous. bawahaha. boy, that was fun Ü then we went in J.T's car and just started drinking vodka. mmmm. he asked me to go to Wherelse (club) tonight. hello, i'd love to but the mother fucking gaurds will tell on me for sneaking out ;\ oh well. i'm most probably going to go next week with some friends. we're going to get drunk and sleep in the park again lol. FUN DAYS I TELL YOU ♥

    Others : my mum is such a suck up when friends are over. she's like so nice to me. I should have friends over everyday.
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    :: denial :: [27 Dec 2003|02:05am]
    Add me first / Comment once every week / Update at least once a week / Inform me if your on a haitus or out / Don't steal my work / Don't expect me to comment you 7874832 times / Give me respect / Don't fight with my other friends : Follow these and i'll add you & keep you

    - Cazz
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